Divine Sounds

We specialize in custom installations. GPS Navigation systems, car audio and video, radar, security, and window tinting.


Car Audio Nav GPS Alarm Install VehicleCall: (813) 886-3100

"I had my tint done at so many places where it bubbles after a year. I went to Divine Sounds and they told me they use only the best and newest fiber on the market. Not only is my car cooler, it looks cooler! I love the guys at Divine Sounds!"

"Divine Sounds hooked me up in nearly 2 hours. I got an amp, sub, speakers, alarm, and navigation system. They are the best around!"

"I went to a few places in Tampa to get some audio work done and they put demo equipment in my car. You can watch exactly what they put in. I had no problems with my system in nearly 5 years of use. They truly know their craft."

"The guys at Divine Sounds are the best! They had me done in almost half the time Best Buy quoted me for. I also saved nearly $1,000 by getting it done with them. If you want the job done right - see these guys."